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The research and education of DTU has been the cornerstone in the development of Danish companies and Danish society throughout more than 175 years. The competitiveness of Danish companies and the welfare society will increasingly be based on the technological development and new knowledge about the consequences of our actions. DTU’s contribution to this area has always been critical.


Through the finance acts, the Danish parliament ensures that the Danish universities are provided with some basic financial grants. These grants are however far from sufficient in order to be able to live up to the justifiably ambitious goals that any Danish citizen may have for DTU.


Accordingly, DTU has a great need to collaborate with goal-oriented businesses and funds in connection with the financing of and the work performed in a large number of progressive research and innovation projects.


In addition to actual collaborations on research, innovation and education, DTU has a great need for being able to constantly provide the researchers and students with the best terms and facilities possible for their work and education. For these reasons, DTU is very interested in receiving donations and sponsorships for equipment and buildings as well as study trips, visiting professors, etc.


All donations to the Jubilæumsfund are tax-deductable in accordance with the Tax Assesment Act § 8


Are you considering whether you or your company can contribute to the support of DTU and the Danish technological development, please contact Gitte Andresen, Manager of Alumni relations and Funding. Phone: +45 4525 1196, e-mail:

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